Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Cheap Seats


His First Bikini Sighting

Tough Cop

Limber Grandma

Bagpipe Peep

Light A Match

Doctor's Advice


Why Women Should Not Join Chat Rooms....

NBA Injury!

Funny Pumpkins

Hang On Tight!

Baseball Trouble

Nude Water Skiing

I Hate This Job! - Santa Claus

Crowded Tokyo Waterpark

Friendly Fire

Great Bus Design

Taking Advantage Of The Situation

Lord Of The Freaks

Pee or Sweat ??

Getting Through College

Honey, I'm Home!

How To Look Like You're Rich

Work Sucks


Giant Wood

Water Is Fun!

I Hate My Job!

One Way To Terrify A Child....

An Important Toddler Skill....

Static Cats

Horse Race Seagull Attack

She Needs To Drop A Few Pounds

She Stole My FIsh!

Terrorist Haircut

Great Baby Shirt

Piggy Kiss

A Real Sh-- Head

Kodak Moment

Baby Mohawk

Found What's Wrong Officer ?

Santa Pimpin Out

Husband Of The Year

Big Leap

The Rocket Fart Man

Elephant Pee Break

Perfect Pair !

Hairy Hamster